We like live music, we are professionals,  the risks do not scare us, we have a lot of respect for others and can offer a good product to an audience eager to see quality at a good price.
We want to create a ‘’dance’’ music festival every year, in the months of september, october with quality DJs and organize a great party.
We started working on this adventure back in april, with requesting permits, licenses, civil protection studies, etc …
My life partner is Dutch, we like “dance” music and love the jobs the dj’s do in his country. We connected with a management agency in the Netherlands. We found professionals who want to engage in our adventure, convinced it’s feasible, it is a good project and we should fight for it.
We have planned a one day festival, on a friday, it would be from 20:00 to 04:00 o’clock in the morning. We’ve rented a plot of 23,000 square meters to accommodate the festival. It is fenced, lighted, well located with good access. We plan to bring four dutch and three spanish dj’s. There will be food and drinks, VIP area, parking, camp site, all set to have a big party. We have a capacity of up to 15,000 people.
But we do not have financial resources to implement this idea.

Problems began, no one, no one helps in this country, nor on private nor on public level. No brand, beer, banks, soft drink, food, clothing, cars, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages, telephone, nobody, nobody, nobody will help you, and you know why?

BECAUSE WE ARE NOT KNOWN … that’s the answer …
It’s funny, if not quite ironic, that all these companies that spend huge amounts of money on conventional advertising, are unwilling to reach a capacity of 15,000 people, that “MEMBA FESTIVAL” offers. They don’t even listen.
I am a strong woman, I am convinced that my idea is good, I want to work with companies from the region for all the technical and human need. It would be a great way to revitalize this region.


I have great faith in the global community, in all of you, I think is the only way out of this bondage of large institutions that do not let you move. Social networking is the way we have to all be free and help each other. With a small contribution of many partners we can implement this festival and I have the intention to give it a long life.
I promise to publish this form of financing and even the night of the festival to mention it live, so people are aware that without the help of each other we have no future as humans.
It is said social networking controls us, but we can also use it to give us the opportunity to know each other and help to the extent we can.
So, please help……….any contribution is welcome…..!!!!


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